Spring Into Safety: Smoke Alarms

Today is a good day to “Spring Into Safety” by checking to ensure your home has working smoke alarms. Properly installed, working smoke alarms can dramatically increase your chances of surviving a fire.

It is also important to check the date on your smoke alarm. If your smoke alarms are ten years of age or older they need to be replaced.

Need help checking or replacing your smoke alarms? Your FCFRD firefighters offer a FREE smoke alarm check, home safety evaluation, and installation of a new smoke alarm.

To schedule a smoke alarm installation, including a visual smoke alarm for deaf and hard of hearing persons, or a home safety evaluation, please contact Community Risk Reduction either via email at fire.ESW@fairfaxcounty.gov or phone at (703) 246-3801 (TTY 711).



Home Smoke Alarm Basics

It is not uncommon for our firefighters to get asked a variety of questions about smoke alarms. Often, people want to know what type of smoke alarm you need and where in the home they should be placed. Our partners in safety at the National Fire Protection Association produced an informative, and short, video that answers these, and many other, questions.

Please take two minutes to increase your fire safety knowledge. Who knows, it could save your, or a loved ones, life one day.