ATTENTION MEDIA: Firefighters To Host Toy and Winter Coat Distribution

On Tuesday, December 12, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel will be hosting a toy and winter coat distribution event for local kids in need from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., at Fire Station 11, Penn Daw, 6624 Hulvey Terrace in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County. Firefighters hope to distribute over 3,000 toys, 700 new coats (on top of the 2,500 we provided in October), and 100 bikes for deserving children. The winter coats will be provided, in partnership with Operation Warm. Santa will be on hand to help out!

Our public safety partners, Fairfax County Police Department and Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office, will be joining in the fun. In addition, Caring Angels Therapy Dogs will be on hand to lend a helping paw.

Photos below from 2016 event.




No Snow Day Off For Training

Snow did not prevent several units from the 6th Battalion to meet at Fire Station 19, Lorton, on Saturday to conduct a multi-unit drill (MUD). The MUD drill focused on advancing and flowing water from a variety of fire hose, forcible entry as well as large area search and rescue scenario in blacked out conditions.

The upstairs at Fire Station 19 was used to create a search and rescue scenario simulating a large commercial building search. Smoke machines from the Fire and Rescue Academy were borrowed to create zero visibility.

While everyone participated in the MUD, special focus and instruction were provided Probationary Firefighters Sebastian, Johnson and Salang. This type of training is very important as the Probationary Firefighters continue to learn and grow during their first year of service.

Photos courtesy of Technician Peterson.




Crew Reunites With Trauma Patient

By: Battalion Chief Bill Betz
Captain II Wayne Wentzel

On November 28, units from the 1st Battalion, B-Shift, had an opportunity to attend a Trauma Case Review at the Reston Hospital Center (RHC). The cases were presented by the RHC Medical Director of Trauma Services and were focused on three trauma patients that were treated and transported to RHC by our firefighter and paramedics that were in attendance.

This was an excellent opportunity for firefighters and paramedics to see how patient care is managed once the patient arrives at the emergency room through their outcome after the traumatic event. While RHC trauma doctors were reviewing the first case, a significant hand injury, they surprised everyone by having the patient speak to share his experience.

Crews had the unique opportunity to hear from the patient himself about the care he received from the fire and rescue personnel as well as RHC staff. It was rewarding to hear from the patient and how his road to recovery has been progressing.

The patient also had the opportunity to speak with the crew of Medic 404, Herndon, who treated and transported him to RHC. He was excited to meet the crew and was very thankful for all they had done for him in the short time he was in their care.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department paramedic units transport many patients to local hospitals daily and rarely get an opportunity to see how their work impacts the long-term survival of these patients. This was yet another great example of how hard work and dedication of fire and rescue personnel, along with the great partnerships we have with our regional hospital partners, can positively impact those we serve.

Hand Injury

Firefighter Goza (l) and Captain Robb (r) with the patient showing how his hand has healed from the significant traumatic injury he suffered.



Firefighters Build Access Ramp For Special Needs Child

Recently Battalion Chief (BC) Kit Hessel, Battalion 1 C-Shift, heard about a local family that needed some assistance for their special needs child, Tyler. Tyler uses a wheelchair and needed an easier way to get in out of the family’s home.

BC Hessel went to work recruiting department members to help build an access ramp. In late August, he organized a group of firefighters to get together and build Tyler a new ramp.

Other members of the community pitched in to help Tyler. Lumber for the ramp was generously donated by a local Home Depot and lunch was provided by Fairfax County Firefighters and Paramedics IAFF Local 2068. Lieutenant Mark Plunkett took responsibility to haul the lumber to the home.

As evidenced in the photos below, the group built a beautiful new ramp! The family was thankful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support to help Tyler.




The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department is pleased to announce the following uniformed and civilian promotions.Promotions

The following individual has been promoted to Battalion Chief:

  • Hunter, Gregory

The following individuals have been promoted to Captain II:

  • Barnes, Felicia
  • Merrell, Richard
  • Reed, Tracey

The following individuals have been promoted to Captain I:

  • Loach, Jeffrey
  • Washington, Douglas

The following individual has been promoted to Lieutenant:

  • Santa Gadea, Javier

The following individual has been promoted to Technician:

  • Haynes, Gregory

The following individual has achieved a Proficiency Designation as a Master Technician:

  • Dedes, Stefan

Civilian Promotions

  • Hackett, Nancy has been promoted to Administrative Assistant IV
  • Shorts, Vicki has been promoted to Inspector III

Congratulations to all on their promotions! Best wishes and stay safe in your new assignments.