Flood Watch In Effect Today! Plan Ahead! PLEASE Turn Around And Don’t Drown!

A Flood Watch is in effect today starting at approximately 2 p.m. through late this evening. A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding. When flooding occurs, you can assume there will be a few roadways in the area that will be impacted as well.

Unfortunately, our firefighters and paramedics can also assume there will be several calls for help as people attempt to drive their cars through flooded, and sometimes closed, roadways only to stall and become trapped. On Monday, FCFRD firefighters and paramedics responded to approximately 55 calls related to cars and occupants becoming trapped in flooded roadways!

This puts both the driver, any passengers AND our firefighters and paramedics in needless danger!

By now, many drivers across Fairfax County know which roads traditionally flood. Since some of the heavy rain may be coming around rush hour tonight, FCFRD asks that you stay informed and plan alternate routes around flooded roadways to get you home safely. Our firefighters and paramedics do not want to meet you by (a preventable) “accident”!

Our friends at Fairfax County Police provide updated information on any road closures on their blog: Fairfax County Police Department News.

Please take a moment to watch the below video, from our friends at the National Weather Service, which highlights the danger.

Accessible information HERE