National Burn Awareness Week


This week, February 3 – 9, is National Burn Awareness Week!

Did you know burn injuries continue to be one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury in the United States? Check out some sobering facts from our friends at the American Burn Association.

  • One civilian fire injury occurs every minute.
  • Most of the burn injuries treated in burn centers occur in the home (73%) followed by work (8%).
  • The primary causes of burn injury include fire-flame, scalds, contact with hot object, electrical and chemicals.
  • One civilian fire death occurs every 2 hours 35 minutes.
  • Today, 96.7% of those treated in burn centers will survive. Unfortunately, many of those survivors will sustain serious scarring, life-long physical disabilities, and adjustment difficulties.
  • Almost one-quarter (24%) of all burn injuries occur in children under the age of 15.
  • Unintentional fire or burn injuries where the 5th leading cause of injury deaths in the United States in 2015 for children age 1-4, and the 3rd for those age 5-9. In those >65 burn injury was the 8th leading cause of death.
  • In 2011-2015, children under five are 2.4 times as likely as the general population to suffer burn injuries that require emergency medical treatment.
  • Young adults ages 20-29 have a probability of burn injury that is roughly 1.5 times the risk of the general population.