Help FCFRD Access Nearest Fire Hydrant In An Emergency!


Fairfax County firefighters and paramedics need your help today and tomorrow to potentially save lives and property. For those residents who are a part of the Adopt-a-Hydrant program – you know what to do!

The expected snow accumulations, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads may result in fire hydrants being partially, or completely, buried in snow. It is vital that firefighters be able to quickly access a hydrant in the event of a fire. Immediate access to a water supply helps to swiftly extinguish the fire and prevent loss of life and property.

All residents, who are physically able to do so, are asked to keep the nearest fire hydrant accessible and free of snow and ice. Please clear a three-foot area around the hydrant and ensure there is a path to the roadway so the hydrant is visible and easily accessible.

Please take the time NOW to find the nearest fire hydrant to your home so you will know where to start digging if the fire hydrant becomes totally covered by snow.