A Very Special Reunion

On April 27, 2017 crews from Engine 417, Centreville, Medic 416, Clifton and EMS403 C-Shift responded to a call for a collision involving a motorcycle and a car. They arrived on scene and found the motorcyclist was a multi-trauma patient that was critically injured.

Our firefighters and paramedics knew time was of the essence. They exhibited excellent teamwork assessing and treating the patient. Medic 416’s time on scene was six minutes before they were off to the trauma center at Reston Hospital.

The crews thought they had done they best they could to give the young motorcyclist a chance to survive. That said, many thought the young man may not make it. As with many critical medical or trauma calls, our personnel deliver the patient to the hospital not ultimately knowing the outcome for that patient.

Last night at Reston Hospital Center, most of the crew who treated that young motorcyclist got to see and learn what happened to him. The motorcyclist, Mr. Michael Hyman, was in attendance to meet up with his care team from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue as well as the doctors and nursing staff from the hospital. Together, they reviewed what happened to Mr. Hyman on-scene, at the trauma center, as well as the treatment, recovery and physical therapy processes he has endured. Mr. Hyman has made great strides in his recovery process and due to the quick actions of the prehospital providers and ongoing treatment by the Reston Hospital staff, he survived his injuries.

The evening drew to a close with Mr. Hyman and his mother thanking the firefighters/paramedics and hospital staff involved in his care. There were lots of hugs to go around!

Thank you, Reston Hospital Center, for arranging and hosting this very special reunion for our personnel!

Crews/Units on April 27, 2017

Engine 417                                          Medic 416                                     EMS 403
Captain I Bobby Stricklen           Lieutenant Matt Louzonis        Captain II Jennifer Svites
Technician Gary DeFriest           Firefighter Greg Morton
Technician Eric Hoffman
Firefighter Anthony Harley

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