Can Your Fire Place Ashes!

Thinking of building a fire in your fire place this weekend? Please make sure you do so safely! Every fall/winter, we experience several home fires that were caused by improperly discarded fire place ashes. A totally preventable and unnecessary fire!

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department would like to remind all residents to be cautious and keep safety in mind when handling fire place ashes. Following a few simple safety tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

    • Do not discard your ashes into any combustible container such as a paper or plastic bag, a cardboard box, or a plastic trash can.
    • Do not place ash containers on decks, porches, or in garages.
    • Put ashes into a non-combustible metal container with a lid.
    • Pour water into the container to make sure the ashes are cool.
    • Keep your can OUTSIDE the home, away from your fireplace or stove and anything combustible.
    • Teach all family members to be safe with ashes from your fireplace or wood stove.
    • Ashes can stay hot for several days. Follow the above steps even when you wait several days to remove the ashes from the fireplace.

Can Your Ashes