Station 40 Personnel Building Bonds With Road DAWG Campers

By: Lieutenant Robert Wells
Station 40, Fairfax Center, A-Shift

On Monday, Station 40, Fairfax Center, A-Shift hosted the Road DAWG (Don’t Associate With Gangs) summer camp students. There were 21 students who stopped by to talk, interact with firefighters and paramedics and participate in practical activities.

The kids were taught about trust for public safety officials, the importance of getting a good education, and respect for themselves and life. Other topics included the importance of the decision they make today and how it can impact their future. The history of the fire and rescue department and what the department does for the community. From there the students were shown around the station, observed firefighters climbing Tower Ladder 440, and then each student got to operate a fire hose line flowing water.

Every camper was fully engaged and appreciative of the chance to interact with the firefighters and paramedics of Station 40. Likewise, the personnel at the station enjoyed spending time with the kids and making a positive impact.

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