Field Training Section – Setting The Standard For Training And Cancer Prevention

By: Lieutenant Marc Davidson
Fire and Rescue Academy

Two times a week, staff at the Fire and Rescue Academy are running live fire training evolutions to maintain tactical proficiency for all our fire and rescue stations and shifts. Coordinating this monumental task are members of the Field Training Section (FTS).

In lay person terms, the FTS is the group responsible for the department’s operational fire continuing education. The learning does not stop after recruit school and the FTS ensures all fire and rescue personnel are proficient in the basics as well as up to date on the latest trends.

Just as importantly, the FTS set the example and thoroughly decontaminate their gear after every fire training day. Personal Protective Equipment, radios, hand lights, face pieces, and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (firefighters air pack) all get cleaned.

Why is this important? This is important as firefighters have a higher risk for certain cancers than the general public. Getting the carcinogens off of our gear and the clothes we wear is an important preventive measure. We want to win the battle on the incident scene as well as the battle against cancer.