School Community Members Honored For Helping To Save A Life

On Friday, April 13, members of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue gathered with the Belleview Elementary School community to honor five individuals who helped to save a life. The life they helped save was a faculty member at the school. Happily, he was on hand to join in the festivities.

On February 6, the faculty member collapsed while tending to the Kiss and Ride area. It was quickly determined that he had no pulse. CPR was started while the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was retrieved from the school. The AED was applied, indicated “shock advised” and a staff member applied the shock.

At that point Medic Unit and Truck 411, Penn Daw, arrived and took over patient care. Once moved to the medic unit another shock was delivered and the patient was beginning to regain consciousness as the unit arrived at a local emergency room.

Due to the fast actions of parents and teachers, the faculty member walked out of the hospital six days later!

Members of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue were honored to recognize the following individuals for their quick actions: Kerry Kaminski (parent) who called 911; Lindsey Ahart (parent) who was sent to retrieve the AED; Lisa Demmel (PE Teacher) who brought the AED and used it properly as trained; Elaine Hourigan (parent and nurse) who performed chest compressions; and Katie Pluntke (Assistant Principal) who performed rescue breathing.

The quick actions of parents and staff, along with the availability of an AED in the building, greatly enhanced the faculty members’ chance of survival. This was a wonderful example of community members, knowing CPR and how to use an AED, working in concert with our paramedics and firefighters to help save a life!