Training Saturday

Yesterday, several different Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Stations took advantage of good weather to get out and participate in training exercises. As in sports, you play the way you practice and our fire and rescue crews are always seeking to perform the basics perfectly and improve skill sets.

Saturday, several units from Battalion 7 participated in a multi-unit drill (MUD) at the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Manassas service yard. Crews were learning about Amtrak and VRE passenger service, specific safety concerns, how to contact the railway to stop traffic and the best methods for helping passengers. The class was taught by Amtrak and VRE representatives.

Both Amtrak and VRE trains run through Fairfax County. It is important that your Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel learn more about both so they are better prepared to handle any situation that might arise.

Also Saturday, units from Fire Station 39, North Point, and Fire Station 12, Great Falls, B-Shift got together for a multi-faceted training exercise. The drill involved drafting and rural water supply operations for the purpose of driver training as well as probationary firefighter training.

In a good portion of the areas both stations serve, there are no fire hydrants thus the importance of training with the big water tankers assigned to each station (think of them as a portable fire hydrant), as well as keeping sharp on getting water from ponds and large streams.

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