Teamwork Saves Kitten

Members from all parts of Fairfax County and surrounding areas joined together to save a kittens life. While driving down a busy road Technician Trisha Danula, who was off-duty, saw two kittens in the road. One kitten had been struck by multiple vehicles.

After pulling over and retrieving the kittens, it was obvious one had severe injuries. He had an exposed and cracked skull along with suspected internal respiratory injuries.

Technician Danula took the kittens home to care for them both. She then took the severely injured kitten, who was acting just like a normal playful kitten otherwise, to the local vet. That vet wanted to euthanize him right away. Technician Danula firmly believed the kitten could be saved and decided to seek other opinions. She also sought advice and help via social media.

Once the kitten’s injuries were posted on social media Ms. Kara Martin, a former Nurse at Fair Oaks ER, was able to loop in Ms. Shawna Leone who is a 20 year veteran in cat rescue. Within 30 minutes, Ms. Leone had reached out to the Fairfax County Humane Society which contacted Technician Danula and offered to sponsor all medical costs for an exam.

The very next day the kitten received treatment by a fantastic veterinarian Dr. Smith and his awesome staff at Prince William Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Ms. Leone also set up a successful fundraiser on her Tree of Life Cat Rescue Facebook page to defer additional costs.

This story also has a happy ending. The kitten is expected to make a full recovery! A very big thank you goes out to everyone in the community that reached out to help! Of course we also salute our own Technician Trisha Danula whose compassion and dedication helped save the life of this kitten.