Lake Barcroft Resident Honored With Citizen Lifesaving Award

On Thursday, July 13, Mr. Phil Horowitz was honored by Fire Chief Richard Bowers and the firefighters at Fire Station 10, Bailey’s Crossroads, A-Shift with the department’s Citizen Lifesaving Award.

Mr. Horowitz earned the award as a result of rendering aid to an adult female who had fallen into Lake Barcroft on April 3, 2017. After hearing a women’s panicked screams that she could not swim, Mr. Horowitz jumped in to the lake to rescue her. Due to his quick actions, the individual was unharmed and did not require any further assistance.

By immediately acting in this situation and providing critical assistance, Mr. Horowitz significantly contributed to saving this person’s life. Given his actions, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department was pleased to present Mr. Phil Horowitz with a Citizen Lifesaving Award.