A Beautiful Day For Roof Operations Training

By: Lieutenant Jon Stern
Fire Station 11, Penn Daw, B-Shift 

This week our station, Fire Station 11, Penn Daw, B-Shift conducted training on accessing a variety of commercial building roofs. Often times these roofs can be challenging due to an assortment of reasons. A big one, which you can see in the photos below, is some have a tall parapet wall that can be misleading when viewed from the ground. Once on top, you can see the big drop off below (approximately ten feet in this case) to the roof.

The training also serves a dual purpose of allowing our firefighters to familiarize themselves with the buildings in the area they may one day have to respond to during an emergency. For example, this particular building we trained on we now know there is a significant parapet wall and we will need to grab a small ladder to access the roof safely from the large ladder.

Knowledge gained by training before the emergency incident can save time, improve performance and potentially prevent unnecessary harm to those we serve and firefighters alike.