A Special Reunion

By: Lieutenant (ret) Karrie Leigh Boswell
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue

You run many calls in a fire service career. You meet many families. Some you never ever forget. I was so happy I got to spend time recently with one of those families, along with the firefighters, at Fire Station 1 in McLean.

Five years ago, nearly to the day, a then three year old Ms. Delaney Saslav fell into a pool. She stopped breathing, and her heart stopped beating. Firefighters and paramedics from Fire Station 1 were sent to help bring her back. Thankfully, the crew working that day was able to do just that.

Mom and Dad, Jill and Andy, always tell us we are their heroes. The opposite is true for us. Delaney and her family are our heroes. To see this little girl running, laughing, and playing with her little brother Ian in the fire house this day was a heartfelt and humbling experience.

Several of the firefighters who were on that call five years ago, including this retiree, were in attendance. We were all so glad we got to see Delaney and her family before they leave for another part of the country. You inspire us every day Delaney, and you always remind us of how precious life is. Since Delaney will always have our hearts, the crew presented her with a little heart necklace to wear around her neck as a reminder of that. She was also presented other mementos to remember us by.