Thanks For 20 Years Of Emergency Medical Care!

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department would like to formally recognize and congratulate the following personnel who have completed 20 years of service as an authorized Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider (medic/paramedic). These providers have been approved to wear the ALS 20 Year Pin on their uniforms.

20 year EMS Pin

ALS 20 Year Pin

Thank you for providing emergency medical care to Fairfax County residents and visitors for the last 20 or more years!

  • Deputy Chief Andrew L. Duke
  • Deputy Chief William A. Garrett
  • Deputy Chief Daniel V. Gray
  • Battalion Chief James J. Masiello
  • Battalion Chief Michael C. Schaff
  • Battalion Chief Jerome I. Williams
  • Battalion Chief Cheri E. Zosh
  • Captain II Carlton G. Burkhammer
  • Captain II George O. Gonzalez, Jr.
  • Captain II Mark Guditus
  • Captain II Glenn D. Kaplan
  • Captain II Robert A. Konczal
  • Captain II Matthew M. Lopez
  • Captain II Natalie D. Robb
  • Captain II Wayne P. Wentzel
  • Captain I Cynthia L. Brown
  • Captain I Tim E. Fowler
  • Captain I James B. Johnson
  • Captain I Peter B. Masters
  • Captain I Jeffrey A. Tolle
  • Captain I Marcus D. Williams
  • Lieutenant Svenja E. Leyden
  • Lieutenant James T. Morris
  • Volunteer Joan M. Bliss