EMSCEP Radio: Medical Control At 35,000 Feet

Your host Ed Stern has a talk with Dr Alan Molk, an ER Physician with Medlink in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr Molk not only works as an Emergency Department Physician providing medical control for EMS in his area of Phoenix, he also provides a unique form of medical control. He and his Partners at Medlink, provide medical control for commercial vessels at sea and aircraft at 35,000 feet. We learn from him about the technology and medical equipment on some flights, how his providers work with flight crews and passengers who happen to be medical personnel so that people on the flights with a medical emergency have the best possible chance of making it off the plane in one piece. We know medical control on the ground is important, but at 35,000 feet and over an ocean… now that’s something different.

EMSCEP Radio: Medical Control At 35,000 Feet