UPDATE: Fire Station 26, Edsall Road, Damaged by Fire

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department wishes to thank the residents of Fairfax County for the outpouring of support following the fire at Fire Station 26, 5316 Carolina Place, early Sunday morning. At this time Fire Station 26 is uninhabitable. It is anticipated that firefighters will be able to work 24-hour shifts at that station again within the next week or so. 

We want to assure residents that there will not be any impact to the efficiency or quality of services provided by the department. The Fire and Rescue Department has created an action plan to ensure there are no delays or interruptions to the fire and emergency medical services provided to the residents of Fairfax County as we repair our fire station. We again want to thank all residents for the outpouring of support. 

Reserve Rescue Squad 26

Reserve Rescue Squad 26 outside Fire Station 26 this morning (5/15/17).