No Ordinary Play Date

By: Mike Mohler, Captain I
Fire Station 16, Clifton, A-Shift

Recently, the MOMS Club of Clifton/Centreville South stopped by Fire Station 16, Clifton, to learn more about fire safety and to get a tour of the station. They had a specific request for us to teach them how to develop and execute a home escape plan in case of fire.

The crew from A-Shift were up to the task and utilized materials from the department’s Life Safety Education section as well as a YouTube video. To practice what they learned, Firefighter Irene Lawrence took the parents and children into the bunkroom and instructed them how to escape a bedroom when their smoke alarm sounds. Everyone then got to practice!

After the important fire safety lesson, one of the firefighters dressed up in full gear to show the kids what a firefighter looks like when they go into a fire. They also had a chance to check out the fire truck and ambulance.

Thanks to the MOMS Club of Clifton/Centreville South for stopping by, to meet your local firefighters and to learn how to keep your children a little safer.