Paramedic Students Over Midway Point Of Ten Month Course

By: Lieutenant Christopher Kroboth
EMS Training Section

The paramedic students are over the midway point of their ten-month course. They recently finished up the Pediatric and Obstetrics section of their studies.

To help them close the loop on learning, and develop a deeper understanding of the diseases and conditions that occur, the students were tasked with creating training scenarios around one of those specific conditions/diseases. In addition, the students dress up and act out the role of patient, patient’s parent or caregiver as well as a bystander. This allows them to experience a variety of perspectives to include that of the patient’s.

During the scenarios the students must evaluate signs and symptoms and provide the appropriate treatment or intervention based on such. Students also need to understand and learn what would happen if an inappropriate action or treatment is given.

In the photos below, the VCU Paramedic students are seen running scenarios that were designed by them.