A Tip Of The Fire Helmet

We love receiving emails from those we serve highlighting exceptional efforts by our fire and rescue personnel. Below is one received this past week with photo as well!

A tip of the fire helmet, and well done, to Master Technician Holland!

Good Morning, Chief Bowers and Captain Geffen:

Our school would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Technician Holland for visiting our school.  Our students who are members of the Willow Springs Girl Scout Troop 3604 were earning their First Aid badge.  Our school health aide taught the troop about asthma treatments, allergic reactions, and when to call 911.  Technician Holland followed up by talking about the role of a first responder and about the steps EMTs and firefighters take before, during, and after receiving a call of need from our school or school community. 

We would like for you to know how much we appreciate Technician Holland taking his personal time to do outreach for our students.  It certainly speaks to the fine character of Technician Holland

A tip of the fire helmet

Phyllis R. Wheeler
Willow Springs Elementary School
Educational Office Assistant