Brunch And A Drill

By: Lieutenant Katja Lancing
Fire Station 32, Fairview, B-Shift

Yesterday Fire Station 32, Fairview, B-Shift invited the neighboring station from the Fairfax City Fire Department, Fire Station 3, to join them for a fire tanker training drill. Tankers are a specialized fire truck that is used when there is no working fire hydrant within reach of a fire scene. They fill up and transport water from a water source, such as a stream, lake, or fire hydrant to the scene of a fire. Tankers are a sort of mobile fire hydrant.

Fire Station 32 has numerous areas in its primary response area that do not have fire hydrants and Station 3 is almost always responding with Station 32 on any house fire. The firefighters from Station 3 do not have a tanker and therefore wanted to learn more so both fire stations are on the same page when it comes to working with a Tanker. The drill took place mid-morning so Station 3 joined Station 32 for brunch along with the drill.