Firefighters Change Tire And Get Driver Out Of Harm’s Way

Last night (January 4) around 6:10 p.m., firefighters from Fire Station 10, Bailey’s Crossroads, were on their way back to the station after filling their fire truck up with fuel when they noticed a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane of Eastbound Route 7 at Patrick Henry Drive. It was dark, during rush hour and the car and driver were in a precarious position after experiencing a damaged tire. The driver of Engine 10 positioned the unit behind the car in a manner that controlled traffic and provided a safe barrier for the car and its driver.

Initially firefighters set up flares to alert other motorists to the disabled car, and create a safer environment for the driver, so they could continue back to the fire station. However, after speaking with the owner of the vehicle and learning that assistance was still a half-hour away, the crew decided the best thing they could do was change the tire and get the driver and car out of harm’s way. It would also create a safer environment for the other motorists on the roadway.

The crew of Lieutenant Schnaekel, Technician Delboy, Firefighter Higginbotham and Firefighter/Medic Dolan went to work to assist with changing the tire and ensuring the driver was able to safely get on their way.

Firefighters Change Tire And Get Driver Out Of Harm’s Waye410changetire