Preparing For Real-Life Emergencies

By: Lieutenant Christopher Kroboth
EMS Training Section

In partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue is currently conducting a ten month paramedic training class for 11 Fairfax County firefighters.

Today, paramedic students are conducting practical scenarios in the classroom to help prepare them for real-life emergencies. In addition to practicing as the paramedic provider in the scenarios, the students are also used as patients to help provide them an appreciation for the patient perspective.

We also try and put our scenarios in areas that are real and/or make the environment realistic. In one scenario (photos below) the gym at the Fire and Rescue Academy was used and is simulating a patient experiencing chest pain during a workout.

After the scenario is complete, an instructor holds a debriefing with the group to go over what went well and areas that can be improved upon.

The students are currently in week 17.