VA Task Force-1 K9 Training

By: Technician Trisha Danula
Fire Station 39, North Point, B-Shift

Recently, members of VA Task Force-1 journeyed to our Lorton training complex to conduct a training exercise with our K9 partners. To assist with the training, Rescue Squad 21, Fair Oaks, A-Shift came down to set up a pendulum rope system that was integral to the training session.

We train with our K9’s on rope to get them acclimated in case on a deployment we need to hoist them to do searches.

The photo below is Firefighter/Medic Sally Dickinson and K9 Jessie. Jessie is a Live Find Detection Dog. She is a black lab.

K9 training

The next photo is of Technician Trisha Danula and K9 Tuula who is a Human Remains Detection dog. Tuula is German Shepherd.
 K9 training