The Bus Stops Here: Firefighters Building A Community Bus Stop

By: Captain II Rocco Alvaro
Fire Station 42 – Wolftrap

What was a simple and kind-hearted idea by Captain Gery Morrison has blossomed into a community service project that truly defines the genuine and caring nature of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel.

The personnel from Fire Station 42, Wolftrap, are building a community bus stop at the intersection of Beulah Road and Route 7, directly adjacent to the Wolftrap Firehouse. This has been a truly collaborative effort that involved materials being donated by The Home Depot in Reston, concrete pavers donated by The Barns At Wolf Trap and the craftsmanship of Fire Station 42 personnel; specifically Master Technician Jeff Allen, Master Technician Joe Cox, and Technician Eric Russell.

Those familiar with this intersection know that an adequate bus shelter does not exist at this location. The current stop is just a posted sign that sits in a ditch along the heavily traveled corridor of Route 7. Area residents line up in the morning without adequate shelter and are forced to take their chances waiting on the edge of Route 7 for the next scheduled bus. This new, and more than likely one of a kind, community bus stop will provide a seating area that is comfortable with more than adequate shelter for the area residents.

When finished, the project will bring some of the finer touches of the Wolftrap Firehouse into the soon to be completed bus stop. Below is an initial construction photo and we are all extremely excited to witness this project take shape.

What an innovative way to develop community partnerships while at the same time enhancing the safety and well-being of our community members.

The Bus Stops Here