An Amazing Day

By: Daniel V. Gray
Deputy Chief, Safety and Personnel Services Division
Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department

Today was an amazing day for the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (FCFRD) as Fire Chief Bowers, Battalion Chief (ret) Elliot Rubino, and I were privileged to spend time with World War II veteran and Fire Chief (ret) Bill Sheads of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Sheads graciously donated two boxes of his memorabilia for the FCFRD museum.

Chief Sheads was instrumental in securing the land in Fairfax County for the Fire Training Center, now known as the Fire and Rescue Academy, which was dedicated on September 19, 1965. His leadership as Chief of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department was critical as the department began to grow and eventually develop into the organization that it is today in partnership with the City of Fairfax Fire Department.

Thank you Chief Sheads for your service to country and community!

An Amazing Day

Chief’s Sheads, Bowers and Gray

An Amazing Day

Chief’s Sheads and Rubino (museum coordinator)

An amazing day

Chief Sheads in 1962 at the Williamsburg VA fire school.