“Horse Play” Allowed In This Class

Earlier this week, members of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, Fairfax County government, and other area fire and rescue departments participated in a unique educational program. The all day workshop, “Horse Sense for Leaders,” is a professional development initiative that incorporates a contemporary approach to building a relationship between horse and human – one that focuses on the interpersonal skills and practices necessary to establish relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

A highlight of the workshop involves a horseman/lecturer who takes a horse he has never met, and quickly develops a rapport and willing partnership with the horse rather than one of submission and control. This relationship-building method then serves as the base for the workshop. In a couple of the photos below you will notice how, later in the session, the horse sticks right by the horseman/lecturer even though he is free to roam in his area.

Participants raved about the class and knowledge gained.