No Hydrant? No Problem!

By: Lieutenant Dave Bender
Fire Station 41, Crosspointe, B-Shift

What does the fire department do when there are no fire hydrants (yes there are still parts of the county without them) or they are not operating? The answer: we have to bring the water with us.

On Saturday, October 8, the 7th Battalion, B-Shift participated in a water supply drill to practice “moving water” to the scene of a fire. The stations involved included: Burke Station 14, Clifton Station 16, Gunston Station 20, Fairview Station 32, Pohick Station 35, and Crosspointe Station 41.

We use units called Tankers to move large volumes of water, 2,500 to 3,000 gallons per vehicle, to the scene where it is then pumped to the fire engines fighting the fire. This takes lots of coordination and practice to be efficient. The goal for the drill was to have crews practice setting up the “Dump Site,” where we off load water to the scene, and the setting up the “Fill Site,” where we refill the Tankers with water. Crews also had to ensure coordination between the two sites.

It was a long and wet day, but very productive and beneficial for all involved.