Realistic Training

By: Battalion Chief Dan Shaw
4th Battalion – B Shift

On Saturday, October 1, fire stations from the 4th Battalion participated in an acquired structure training fire at 4624 Willow Run Drive in the Annandale section of Fairfax County. An acquired structure is one in which a home, or building, is donated to the fire department by the owner(s) as the structure is set to be demolished for a variety of reasons.

This valuable training provides realistic conditions for Fairfax County firefighters to hone the skills necessary when called to emergencies throughout the county. Several training scenarios (evolutions) are planned out and conducted throughout the day. Each evolution involves the fire ground skills of searching for occupants, deployment of hose lines to extinguish the fire, and ventilation to remove toxic products all conducted under intense heat and stress. These drills not only refine the skills of the firefighters but are a great opportunity for the community to come meet and witness their firefighters at work.