Not Your Typical Call

By: Lt. Edward Payne III,
McLean Fire Station 1, C-Shift

On Monday, August 22 McLean Rescue Squad 1 (RS01) and Tysons Corner Medic 29 (M29) were dispatched for a reported injured person after a fall who was located on the 10th floor of a building under construction in the 1600 block of Capitol One Drive in the Tysons area of the county. Tysons Corner Tiller Truck 29 (TT29) was added to the call shortly thereafter.

RS01 arrived with M29 and met with the site foreman who explained the elevator only went to the fifth floor and that the stairwells would be next to impossible to navigate a stretcher. The Officer In Charge from both RS01 and M29 determined that a stokes basket operation, using the on-site tower crane, would be the best option for patient removal from 10th floor. M29’s crew were escorted by on-site personnel to the patient while RS01 and TT29 loaded up the stokes basket with equipment to be hoisted to the 10th floor. After the equipment was off the ground being hoisted to the patient location, RS01 and TT29 ascended to the 10th floor via stairwell.

M29 reported the patient had fallen approximately 10-12 feet to the 10th floor through a hole in the floor. The patient was placed on a back board and in a cervical collar by M29, laced into the stokes utilizing harness straps and connected to tower crane hook. He was then hoisted to the ground level by the crane operator with Master Technician Butler (RS01) as the attendant.

The patient was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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