Herndon Teenager Recognized for Saving Family

DSC_7637The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department and the Herndon Town Council recognized Roberto Morales Castillo tonight for his quick thinking and heroic actions.

Roberto was credited as helping to save his family and dozens of fellow citizen’s lives on January 24, 2016. The incident involved a utility exhaust that was blocked by three feet of snow that had fallen in the area.  Due to the snow blocking the exhaust, high levels of carbon monoxide entered the apartment building.  Roberto quickly identified there was an unknown hazard that was causing his family to become sick.  He quickly notified building management and called 911.  He initiated care for his six family members until the arrival of the fire department.DSC_762912804521_10156648336725646_513758727_n[1]

Fire Chief Bowers and Assistant Chief Johnson presented a Citizen Lifesaving Award and the Herndon Town Mayor and Council presented a Certificate of Responsible Citizenship.

Roberto was also presented several items from members of the Fire and Rescue Department.

(Photos provided by Elliott Rubino and Derrick Welsh)