10 Year-Old Male Flown After Sledding Accident

On January 25, 2016 units were dispatched to Triple Ridge Road and Hooes Road at Mercer Lake for a sledding accident. Responding units encountered snow covered and blocked roadways which required them to abandon their vehicles and continue on foot to the remote area of Mercer Lake Dam. Arriving responders encountered a 10 year old male who was sledding down the 130 foot dam. The young man was at the bottom of the dam with several injuries requiring splinting and packaging.

Advance medical care was administered and crews worked swiftly to raise the young man to the top of the dam with a rope system. Due to the remoteness off the incident, the patient’s injuries and the extended response to the hospital due to the snow covered roads, the Fairfax County Police Medevac Helicopter, FX01 was called. FX01 landed on the top of Mercer Lake Dam and the patient was quickly transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital were he was treated for his injuries and has been released form the hospital.

(Photos and Video by Captain I Caldwell Clark.)

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