Urban Search and Rescue, VA-TF1 Update


The task force conducted several water operations today in support of local responders in the town of Givhans.

Team members utilized boats to rescue a stranded boater and three canines in moving water. The individual that was rescued had evacuated a residence after being cut off from the surrounding area.

After completing this assignment rescue personnel re-deployed to perform a welfare check for a resident who had not been heard from in several days. After confirming the status of the resident the entire neighborhood received a needs assessment as it was inundated and surrounded by 4’ of water.

Following the neighborhood assessment personnel completed infrastructure assessments to gauge rescue access points along the river.

Over 13,000 homes were physically accessed by the team in partnership with the National Guard. Thousands of homes were reported to have damage. Team members have made over 500 contacts with civilians and assessed over 1,000 miles of roadway for damage.

Please continue to monitor this site for updates.

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