Unattended Candle Causes Springfield House Fire

Units responded to a house fire Saturday, August 8, 2015, at approximately 9:10 p.m., in the Springfield area of Fairfax County. The single-family home is located at 5821 Heming Avenue.

Firefighters encountered smoke coming from the two-story home upon arrival. Firefighters conducted an aggressive fire attack and quickly extinguished the fire. The occupants were not at home when the fire broke out; however, after arriving home heard a sounding smoke alarm and called 911. The occupants have not been displaced. There were no injuries.

Damage is estimated at $18,750.

According to fire investigators, the fire was accidental. An unattended candle too close to combustibles in a bedroom caused the fire.

Candle Safety Tips

  • Do not place candles near combustible materials.
  • Place candles in glass or ceramic containers.
  • Place candles on a flat, sturdy surface.
  • Never leave children unattended in a room with an open flame candle.
  • Do not place candles on window ledges or near entryways. The potential air draft can “fan” the flame, catching curtains or other materials on fire.
  • Do keep burning candles within sight at all times. Candles can present fire hazards outdoors on decks and patios as well as inside your home.
  • Always extinguish candles before leaving the home.
  • Place all candles on a protected, heat resistant, dry surface away from anything that can catch fire and out of the reach of children and pets.