Update: VA-TF1/USA-1, USA-2 (USAID DART) Rescued a 41 year old Woman in Nepal

Update from USAID:
  • USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) urban search-and-rescue members rescued a 41 year old woman from a collapsed 4-story building in the village of Singati.
  • ¬†After gathering information from local residents, the teams started light breaching and shoring to enter the structure and confirm a live victim via voice contact.
  • After 4 hours of work, USAID DART USAR members extricated the 41 yr. old woman at approximately 8pm May 12.
  • USAID DART USAR members provided care overnight, along with 11 others until helicopters helped return them back to Kathmandu this morning.image