Update: VA-TF1/USA-1 Continues to Provide Care in Nepal


USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) urban search-and-rescue (USAR) members rescued a 41-year-old woman from a four-story building in the village of Singati, which is approximately 50 miles east of Kathamandu and in the same district where a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck on May 12. Local residents informed USAID USAR members of the trapped woman, and the rescue operation took approximately four hours.

USAID USAR members provided medical care to the woman and 11 others overnight in Singhati until helicopters returned to fly the patients and the team to Kathmandu this morning.

05 12 15 USAID DART USAR team at KTA prior to aerial assessments and rescue operations in Dolakha  Photo USAID DART05 13 15 USAID USAR staff with LA County and Fairfax Counties work with U S  military medics and Nepal Army first responders to treat patients at a tr

At Tribhuvan International Airport, a triage center was established where USAID USAR staff, U.S. military personnel, and Nepal Army first responders, treated more than 40 people airlifted by the U.S. military. The patients were triaged and prepared for transport to local medical facilities. Medical supplies airlifted by the USAID DART to Nepal on May 10 were used by the medical team at the airport.

All photos provided by USAID.