UPDATE: VA-TF1/USA-1 Continue to Assist the People of Nepal

THE USAID combined Disaster Assist Response Team (DART) and Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) teams continue to provide assistance to the people of Nepal.

USA-1, USA-2 and the DART performed additional building assessments in and around Kathmandu today.  The teams are also working with the U.S. Embassy and USAID  to finalize plans for their safe return.

Continued thoughts and prayers for all.

Photos provided by USAID

Pictured below is Pryce, one of the twelve search dogs that where deployed to Nepal.  USA-1 and USA-2 each brought six K9’s.  This is Pryce’s first deployment.  Her handler, Ron Sanders is a veteran of the team.  Ron and his K9 Ondo searched for survivors in the wake of the 2008 earthquake in Haiti.

Also pictured are USA-1 team members planning search operations and readying their gear.