UPDATE: VA-TF1/USA-1 Assists with building and infrastructure repairs

The Task Force performed an assessment at the Mahabuddha Temple today.  The Mahabuddha Temple is more than 400 years old.  The temple is often called “the temple of a thousand Buddhas” because an image of Buddha is engraved on every brick.  The task force assessed the earthquake damage and provided technical expertise on stabilizing the building.  The temple and religious artifacts are a valuable and historical part of the community.  The Task Force members have established the trust of the community who continue to request our team to assist with needed repairs.

The US Embassy requested Task Force members to conduct building assessments at two apartment buildings occupied by US exchange students.  The structures were deemed to be safe and the students are once again occupying both buildings.

Joint crews from Fairfax (USA-1) and Los Angeles (USA-2) conducted several major repair operations at Phora Durbar.  Both teams are using this site for their Base of Operations (BoO).   One of the repairs included cutting concrete to assist the Embassy in accessing a water leak caused by the earthquake.  The removal of the concrete allowed for repairs to be conducted so that normal water supply operations could be resumed.  Additional repairs focused on the internal infrastructure so that the facility and staff could quickly return to normal operations.

Additional building assessments where completed included the residence of an American employee.

On a separate sad note the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department experienced a Line of Duty death.  Fire Lieutenant Kevin McRae gave his life today during a working fire incident. Please keep DC Fire Lieutenant Kevin McRae, his family and the members of the DC Fire and EMS Department in your thoughts and prayers.

Photos provided by VA-TF1/USA-1

20150506_133705 (2)

20150506_115254 (2)

Pictured on the left, members of the task force take a moment for a quick photo with some of the Mahabuddha Temple care takers.  The photo above shows a few of the temporary measures put in place to help stabilize the temple.

Below, members are seen working on the water line repairs at the Phora Durbar facility.

water line rejoin operation with LA and FC Mike Eddy