VA-TF1/USA-1 Update

Today was the Task Force’s first operational period which started in the late afternoon. The Task Force Leaders (TFL) will meet with the Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) coordination staff to determine rules of engagement while conducting search and rescue operations.

USA-2 (LA County) arrived late this evening to the base of operations (BoO). Our team had 2 Reconnaissance (Recon) crews already out operating, and we anticipate working with them starting Wednesday morning.
The Embassy is providing vehicles, drivers and interpreters. The Nepalese military will be providing us with a truck to transport a larger crew and equipment to a town about 20-25 minutes east of our location. Their military also used trucks to assist moving USA-1 and USA-2 from the airport to the BoO.

Our Recon Operations were well received by the public. Some of the local community members visited our BoO providing information on collapsed structures and potential work sites. The BoO is 100% secure. Some Regional Security Office staff from the US Embassy have accompanied our members on Recon missions to assist with establishing a relationship with the different police services operating in Kathmandu.

Our BoO is located on land managed by the US Embassy.

There are approximately 170 displaced Americans and Canadians occupying tents on the grounds with our team.

Other USAR teams operating in Nepal have succeed in rescuing some survivors today. The current conditions in the area lead us to conclude that there is indeed hope for additional survivors.

Everyone is well and is in good spirits and glad to be working to help those that have been affected by the earthquake.

Please continue to keep the team members, their families and the people of Nepal in your thoughts and prayers.